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These are voluntary elected positions. See Constitution.
Paid positions are on contract only, which can be terminated by either party, and the responsibility of the elected board.

Mission "The Board is charged with providing the best management possible for its shareholders investment."

Get to know your Board Committee by sight. They are working for YOU! It is an active Board applying members skills to the best available standard.

Correspondence: When corresponding with a Board Member, a copy should be sent to the Secretary at ...

Elected appointments since June 2016 

MARCH, Steve. (Hamilton)

Occupation: Builder & Company Director of Hamilton

Board Responsibility: Chairman; Cash Inwards; Legal Council; Camp Managers, Shareholders dividends. Works; Manager Appraisal.

12 April 2009

HASLIM, Cliff. (Auckland)

Occupation: iT 

Board Responsibility:  Internet

7 June 2015 

PILKINGTON, Bruce. (35 Bluff Rd Kuaotunu)

Occupation: Retired Farmer living on-site

Board Responsibility: Works.

17 June 2012

STANNARD, Darcy. (Cambridge)

Occupation: NZ Fire Service.

Board Responsibility: Printed Advertising & Signage; Organiser Camp community activities. eg Fishing Competition.

17 June 2012

 SMITH, Doug. (Ohaupo)

Occupation: Farmer and Business Owner

Board Responsibility:  Works

16 June 2013

SHARP, Bruce. (Auckland)


Board Responsibility:


22 October 2018
The Shop:

The shop is an independent business from the campground, which is provided free to the Campground Managers as part of their employment contract with you, the Shareholder. Paid positions are on contract only, which can be terminated by either party, and is the responsibility of the elected board.

The Campground Managers welcome any suggestions to improve their business and service to you, the Shareholder.

The coin operated showers, dyers, internet etc. are owned by you, the Shareholder, and are an important source of income to the Company.

The Company Audited Accounts are a public record and are available for you to download from the Official Forms page.