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A range of builders are provided below as a starting point for your dream holiday 'bach at the beach'. The Kiwi tradition.
The quickest solution is a home on a wheeled chassis. The cheapest may be to kitset. Check below.
Kuaotunu Camp Ground (2008) Ltd.
33 Bluff Road, Kuaotunu, RD 2 Whitianga 3592.

Camp Building Guidelines as at 26/10/2011

These Guidelines in no way reflect Council Regulations.
These rules have been put in place by the Board to protect the overall appearance and safety of the camp ground. All site owners are responsible for meeting council regulations.

1. Caravans & awnings (canvas type) are allowed as of right. The definition of a caravan is that it must be on wheels and able to be registered.

2. Plans for all structures must be presented and passed by the Board before any work commences. This Includes decks, sheds, gazebos etc. Board Sign-off must be obtained upon completion of work.

3. Boundaries. All buildings caravans and awnings must be 1,500mm from an adjacent site. Eaves and soffits to be no greater than 300mm and no closer to the boundary than 1,200mm. Decks to be no closer
than 500mm to the boundary.

4. No part of a building or caravan can extend past a boundary to common areas (including opening windows & spoutings.)

5. Caravans to be blocked no higher than 400mm.

6. Roof pitches on buildings to be no greater than 25 Degrees.

7. The maximum width of mobile holiday home (ie has wheels & chassis) is 4.8 metres. This can be exceeded only with Board approval, a building permit and resource consent.
8. Fixed roofs over decks must not exceed 20 sq metres.

9. A Building Consent is required for all connections to the camp sewage lines (grey water included).

10. All water connections to be done under the supervision of the camp manager. Isolating valves must be Fitted.

11. Bottoms of caravans and buildings to be closed in. (Trellis is acceptable).

12. Sheds no greater in area than 10 square metres are allowed on each site and may be placed on aboundary. These can only be used for storage.

13. Only one shed per site is allowed.

14. Fences are not permitted. Windbreaks & temporary fences for the safety of children are permitted with Board approval.

15. No solid concrete pads in front of sites will be allowed. There is to be no filling in of road edge drains between front of sites and camp road edges.

16. Building works are not permitted to be undertaken during the recognised holiday peak periods December/January, school holidays or statutory holidays such as Anniversary Day, Waitangi Day, Easter, Queens Birthday or Labour Weekend.
Note: All structures in place prior to 31st October 08 are exempt from these conditions. Any additional improvements after that date are bound by these rules.
The Board has the right to amend the rules as and when it thinks necessary.

Your Local Builder living 'on-site' at Kuaotunu.

Loveridge Builders Ltd

Want to add on to your Kuaotunu hideaway? Check me out first.
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Oceanview Cabins are built to last using quality materials and innovative thinking. With summer fast approching now is a great time to think about a Cabin

With over 14 years in the industry and well over 1200 units in place, Leisurebuilt have a solution to your accommodation requirements.

From our ‘Sleep Out’ units and popular Caravan Annex’s, through to the Traveller and Chalet, Leisurebuilts’ range is renowned for quality and reliability.

Our design team will work with you to ensure you get the right unit to fit your lifestyle and budget.
Whatever sized home you are looking for Kiwi Transportable Homes can help. If you would like something specific just let us know as we can tailor plans to suit your needs and offer a full design and build service.

As well as our range of elegantly featured and professionally designed homes, we offer a custom design and build service.

We can either build your home as a transportable home or build it on site on your section.

Latitude Home Transportable Home optionenables you to have your home built on our site and then have it transported nearly completed to your property.

Builtsmart has designed a range of 24 standard floor plans with great specifications aimed at providing you with the most cost effective building options available. If we do not have a building plan that suits your needs, the team at PLB Construction Group will work with you to produce a specific design within your budget.

v. We deliver the kit set home to you. Following the easy installation guide your pre-clad modular home is able to be at Lock Up Stage in seven days. You can then complete your new kit set home with all the fittings that you require.

How building with us works

i. Receive your free Module NZ welcome pack.
ii. Talk to us about your logistic requirements and site access ability and choose the kit set home that suits you.
iii. We meet with you and give you a dimensioned floor plan and information pack on the house of your choice.
iv. Finalise your colours and delivery date. Together the contract is signed.

For Sale

Standard building sizes range from 1.8 x 1.8 guard house to 8.5 x 4.0 cottages with bedrooms. Other popular sizes include 3.6 x 2.4, 4.8 x 3, 6 x 3, 9 x 3 and 12 x 3. If our standard range doesn’t meet your needs, our consultants will help you design a building to suit your needs and budget. Keen on DIY? Kitset options are also available.

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Yes, I'm the GREEN man, Willie Cage, fisherman extrodinaire and Kuaotunu man. We contract from Auckland to Hamilton to Coromandel .
Check us out for all earthworks and water management. No job too small.

 Contact TCDC when building consent is required for permanent homes. High charges may apply.

Relocatables consent goes through the Kuaotunu Board. and is less costly. No cost.

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