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• Minutes for 6th Annual General Meeting on 1st June 2014

Posted by Geoff Mitchell - Company Secretary on Tuesday, June 10, 2014, In : A.G.M. 
The Minutes 6th Annual General Meeting on 1st June 2014, are now available to shareholders from the pass-worded Shareholders page.

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• Notice to Shareholders re AGM 2014

Posted by Secretary - Geoff Mitchell on Friday, May 9, 2014, In : A.G.M. 
Dear KCG Shareholder,
We now enclose notice papers of the 6th Annual General Meeting of the Company to be held on Sunday, 1st June 2014  at 9.00am at Kuaotunu Hall.
Notice Papers attached consist of;
1.    Notice and Agenda,
2.    Minutes of 5th Annual General Meeting, Sunday, 16th June 2013,
3.    Guidance Sheet for Shareholders for 6th Annual General Meeting,
4.    Shareholders Appointment of Proxy Form for 6th Annual General Meeting,
5.    Nomination Form for Director of Comp...

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• 2014 AGM - Sunday 1st June

Posted by Editor on Sunday, March 30, 2014, In : A.G.M. 

This will be held at the Kuaotunu Hall, 9.00am, Sunday 1st June, being a long weekend, Queens Birthday Holiday.!

Formal notice from the Secretary, Geoff Mitchell, will be provided to each Shareholder at a later date, in accordance with the Constitution.

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• Official Forms for 5th AGM

Posted by Geoff Mitchell - Mitchell Management on Wednesday, May 22, 2013, In : A.G.M. 
The Official Forms for Shareholders participation in the 5th Annual General Meeting are now available ONLINE on the Shareholders Section of this website. They can be downloaded on PDF form and printed.

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