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Last Update 6 May 2017
Thanks to Editor Liam Kedzlie "The Matarangi Beach Paper"
Bluff Road: A Positive Solution Found
A rousing round of applause by the Kuaotunu Ratepayers and Residents Association members greeted the announcement by Paul Kelly that the Bluff Road between Matarangi and Suckers Rock will be open for walking and cycling by the end of the year. This is once unstable rocks and debris are removed and mesh netting installed. Mr. Kelly speaking at the KRRA meeting on behalf of the Thames Coromandel District Council said Council had a lot to consider but the right option has been taken to benefit the community.
“A lot of work has gone on to make this happen including independent legal opinions and considerable community liaison so it was great to report back to the community of a successful outcome. I fully endorse the announcement by Council. A cycle and walkway will be a great benefit to both the local residents of Kuaotunu and Matarangi as well as providing a further recreational activity for visitors,” said Mr Kelly.
In recent times sections of the Bluff Road have had several significant rock falls, which has resulted in approximately $200,000 already being spent on remedial and design work. The last rock fall in December 2015 resulted in the Suckers Rock to Matarangi portion of Bluff Road being closed off while Council considered its future viability. At their April meeting the TCDC approved a further $125,000 towards the remedial work, which will allow the road to be reopened later this year to cyclists and pedestrians. However it will not be accessible for vehicle traffic due to the high cost it would take to open and maintain the route for all transport modes.
"We're doing all that is required to make the road safe so it can be open to cyclists and pedestrians, who use it as a thoroughfare to get between Matarangi and Kuaotunu West," says Allan Tiplady, Mercury Bay Area Manager.
"The primary driver for reopening this portion of road is for amenity reasons rather than to provide alternate road access," he says. With Council funding in place the next steps will be removing all that rock and debris, installing the mesh netting and getting the road open before this coming summer. However until the remediation work is completed access to the road will still have to remain closed. "We also put up pedestrian barriers, bollards and signage during this time, along with a monitoring programme to manage the public safety risk," says Mr Tiplady.
Kuaotunu Village Library To Continue

The future of the Kuaotunu Village Library is becoming more secure with a steering committee being formed to work out ways to keep the service within Kuaotunu. Following a decisive vote at the public meeting held at the Kuaotunu Hall on Easter Sunday it was decided that the community of Kuaotunu should continue to maintain and support its local library. What is still under question is whether the Kuaotunu Hall can continue being the current Library venue due to ongoing access and opening hours issues. The new library steering committee will address these issues in the months ahead and will be led by Maxine McRobbie. Isabel Gilbert Palmer, Avril Nicholl, Denise Young and Marguerite Meullers have been volunteered as committee members. TCDC Mercury Bay Area Manager Alan Tiplady said the council will be able to support the new library committee in principle though it was unlikely that any assistance would be financial. It is great to see that this community library will continue, because it has been serving Kuaotunu for 123 years and is one of the oldest continuous libraries in New Zealand. There are a number of ways a small rural library can survive and the committee will investigate what is possible in the months ahead. If you want to find out how you can help keep a Library service in Kuaotunu or require further information contact Maxine McRobbie mobile (027) 2930369.

Kuaotunu Residents

Ratepayers Update

The committee of the Kuaotunu Residents and Ratepayers Association (KRRA) has raised several topics of concern with

TCDC recently both in correspondence and at our public meeting held in January. In order to better explain our

position and continue dialogue with council the committee invited Mercury Community Board Chairman, Paul Kelly, and

TCDC MB Area Manager, Allan Tiplady, to meet with us to discuss our concerns and we thank them both for coming out

to Kuaotunu in mid-February to discuss these.

The main topics covered in a very useful meeting included the proposed MB Medical Facility, the Bluff Road closure,

footpaths at the Kuaotunu boat-ramp, and a bike rack and community notice board at Kuaotunu Village.

The medical facility was discussed at length and it was confirmed that the original decision to use the Waterways land

out past the fire station was decided by Council’s Economic Development Committee. This was revealed to the public in

a one sentence comment in their minutes of 31 May, 2016 by Glen Leach but none of the events leading up to this decision

appear to be in the public record of their meetings. The decision was made public several months after Leigh Hopper

from Waterways had resigned from his position as a member of the Economic Development Committee.

KRRA has decided that we will achieve little by pursuing this matter further with council so will concentrate on other local

issues and watch further developments of the medical facility with interest. We thank council for the time and effort they

have put into answering our queries on this and other matters recently.

The best news we have had for sometime is that both council and LTNZ are cooperating on a staged extension of the

footpath westwards to the boatramp (LTNZ) and then on to Kuaotunu West (TCDC). This will provide a much safer

environment for residents and ratepayers when walking along this stretch of scenic coastline as a steel guardrail will separate pedestrians from road traffic. Work is expected to commence in early to mid-2017.

Reported by Alastair Brickell